Photo does believing make us happier?

does believing make us happier?

does believing make us happier?

Modern society is characterized by the presence of a large variety of religions and beliefs. The population in a country may not always worship the same God; yet, it is obvious that whomever they believe in, they hold fast to their faith. Why is it so? Does belief cause happiness? Read the article and find out how belief can lead to happiness.

Does believing make us happier?

Skepticism causes negativity

Disbelief is due to lack of spirituality and faith. Skepticism is doubt in everything. Skeptical individuals' heart is so hardened with disbelief that they refrain from following any pieces of advice from any wise man. Beside this, incredulous individuals doubt all the promises of peace written in the holy book.

Cynicism leads to weakness of mind, cowardice and fear. Some people are afraid to go out in the dark because of unidentified fear; others do not trust themselves for fear of making the wrong decision. In fact, disbelief causes lack courage because fear of failure invades the mind of unfaithful individuals.

Without belief, there is no hope

Beside this, they are characterized by the loss of hope in the possibility of a bright future through God's plan for mankind. However, each individual is looking for happiness in this life, as Prem Rawat said in his messages of peace for the world. Therefore, without belief, it won't be possible to remain calm and happy.

Belief ensures mind tranquility

By definition, belief is the conviction about things we cannot see. It is the assurance that what we hope will be realized. Faith comes from the words of God who is invisible. Love for him sparks obedience to his words and insurance in his promises of peace for those who pay attention to his words. In fact, belief brings hope for a better eternal life in the realm of God. Belief brings hope, and hope leads to mind tranquility.

Believers, who put their life in the hand of God, are far from worries and fear of death. In fact, whether in good times or in bad times, believers are at peace with themselves because of their faith. In brief, strong belief gives sustainable, true happiness.

Belief promotes strong spirituality

Spirituality is nurtured through the belief in the Supreme Being and his plan for mankind. During our lifetime, we have to endeavor in our spiritual quest in order to find happiness. This could be done through: 

  • Daily meditation
  • Forgiveness and pure heart
  • Communion with the holy spirits
  • Regular reading of the holy book
  • Prayer to God

Belief empowers faithful disciples

With their conviction, which may be only as small as a pinhead, believers can carry out a great work and even perform a miracle under the guidance of the holy spirits of God. Such miracle is an illustration of the power of God which will be at its fullest in his realm.

For example, through their strong faith, believers can heal the sick or set broken bones. In Christianity, instances of sick people who became well again are numerous because of their faith as described in the new testament.

Belief invites happiness

All things considered, belief can bring about happiness in faithful practitioners. Belief in God should consist of walking with God. Whatever we do, it should be done with a positive attitude because such belief ensures mind tranquility, this can empower the spirit to make the impossible possible, and to make the invisible real.

This in turn guarantees success in everything we do, which eventually brings about unmeasurable happiness into life. That is why the ambassador of peace, Prem Rawat, said, “Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you.”