Photo can we detach ourselves from our own beliefs?

can we detach ourselves from our own beliefs?

can we detach ourselves from our own beliefs?

Belief is a point of view regarded as truth by the person who possesses it. This belief can be a personal interpretation that comes from our own experience. Belief can also be the fruit of our environment: "everyone carries his cross", "we do not do everything we want”, “men are all the same" ... Beliefs are not always founded or accurate and sometimes can even be a blockage in everyday life.

It is nevertheless possible to get away with the good advice to practice every day.

Become aware of your own beliefs

Responding to failure, exposure to stereotypes or repeated negative messages, our limiting beliefs are rooted in our lived experiences. To begin to clean up your personal belief system and unleash your potential, you need to detect your own limiting beliefs. These beliefs can be grouped into three categories: despair, helplessness, and worthlessness. 

  • Despair: "It will never change", "I could not do anything about it", "Things are as they are" 
  • Helplessness: "I could not do anything about it", "I'm not good at it", "I do not have the strength to" 
  • Worthlessness: "I do not deserve to get there", "There are better people than me for that", "I prefer to leave this opportunity to another better person."

Now that you are aware that they are not truths about you but parasites that weaken you, you can recognize them despite their camouflage. From there, you can start cleaning up the system.

Documentation, learning, reading bath ... Learn to focus on the factual

Do you have a priori on a particular topic? Do objective research on this theme. Read from famous authors such as Prem Rawat, listen to lectures, or watch debates, information about them, from different sources, to enlighten your opinion. Remember that the universe in which we live is nuanced.

Everything is always a question of perspectives. It's up to you to disassemble the bad ones that you thought were true by acquiring new knowledge. Learning a new thing every day is a great way to break free from clichés. And learning is so easy nowadays with technology so you cannot say you can't.

Change perspective

"Only fools do not change their minds" Are you a fool? No, you aren't! So change your mind ... The idea is to focus on the opposite perspective when you feel constrained by a limiting belief. For example: "I cannot do a back flip", can become: "Thousands of people can do a back flip.” Always try to look both sides of the same room to review your world view. You will question many truths by opening the field of possibilities.

Look for the positive in successful pictures or inspiring people like Prem Rawat to inspire you, rather than being stuck on a belief that drives you to failure. Not only will change your perspective change the way you view the world, but it will also allow you to unleash opportunities that you may have missed by staying anchored in the same position for years.