Photo does being intelligent make it possible to stay happy ?

does being intelligent make it possible to stay happy ?

Intelligence is the ability to apply and acquire knowledge, to think, analyze, and know what is good and bad; it is also characterized by the ability to implement or use different skills to achieve different kinds of tasks.

Intelligence can be acquired and developed through education; but it is also a gift to mankind. Intelligent people are witty; they can understand things quickly. But are intelligent people happy? Read and discover the truth about intelligence and happiness in man's life.

Does being intelligent make it possible to stay happy?

Intelligence through education

We can sharpen our intelligence through the education we receive at school and in college. Such intelligence develops our critical thinking skills; and thanks to our intelligence, we can find solutions to most of our problems. For example, we can develop medicines to treat serious diseases; we can create effective tools to facilitate our daily tasks.

Human intelligence is advancing every day, and a new invention is created every day. In general, intelligent people can succeed in life. Their skills and know-how allow them to have prestigious, high-strung positions, which guarantee great income and good standard of living. As a result, it can be said that intelligence makes people happy.

Being intelligent, man still acts badly

At school, students are given civic education, and because of that, they know the right behavior and conduct for today's modern society. Because of education, they know the harmful effects of drugs, cigarettes, and alcohol. They can also have a good knowledge of the negative consequences of having multiple sex partners, which is the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. They know that divorce deprives children of a happy childhood.

However, they still do those things, while taking so-called precautions like the use of condoms while actively engaging in adultery. In no way can such misconduct lead to happiness; instead, it leads to more problems and sorrows.

True intelligence is moving away from evil

While knowledge from school is limited to the material aspect of life, true intelligence is understanding and turning away from evil. Such ability to depart from evil is from God. It is given to those who are willing to hearken to his words. It is given to those who are in quest of spirituality. Spiritual individuals are able to understand the purpose of life and why it is crucial to refrain from what is evil.

If man departs from evil, they can enjoy happy life because if they, for example, do not smoke, they are free from cough and lung cancer. Another example is, the family is at peace because the father is faithful to his wife, and he does not drink alcohol. True intelligence, therefore, can ensure happiness.

Intelligence may lead to sorrow

It is said that the more intelligent human become, the more grief they add to their life. Having true intelligence, it is not possible for man to do everything he pleases. For example, drinking too much coffee harm health; however, if you love coffee but then, it is said that you must stop drinking it, then, you become sorrowful.

Much intelligence leads to grief because it makes you aware of the presence of many evils on earth, which can ruin spiritual life. Thus, it can be said that intelligence can increase sadness.

But intelligence can also lead to happiness

True intelligence can ensure mind tranquility because it gives submission to obey what is good in order to advance spiritually. It can be sorrowful that with wisdom, spiritual individuals won't be able to join their friends in their favorite leisure activities any more, since they have to devote more time for their spiritual journey. However, true intelligence guarantees inner peace, which, in turn, promotes true happiness.

By teaching the others, you can develop your intelligence

By sharing our knowledge to the others, we can develop our intelligence and also help them become intelligent and refrain from the evils. Such knowledge gives life, because it can save us from health problems and premature death, but it also promotes spirituality. Some organizations take initiatives to rehabilitate criminals and help them depart from the evils.

The Prem Rawat Foundation TPRF for example aims at re-educating prisoners by sharing electronic tablets with peace education to them. You can learn more information on : can take similar actions, like sharing messages of peace as what the peace ambassador Prem Rawat is doing, and help people acquire the real intelligence which leads to sustainable happiness.